At BET Software, we have an arsenal of top talent so it’s no wonder that we are leaders in software development, championing creation and deployment of innovative software systems for the betting industry in South Africa and abroad. We pride ourselves in developing and maintaining vanguard software solutions for our customers from foundation to finish.

At the forefront of our game-changing development lies SyX Software, an application which is extraordinary in its ability to result large volumes of transactions in rapid time. SyX is a ground-breaking online and retail software solution that offers customers a fully-realised sportsbook with integration into casino betting, virtual games and live lotteries. SyX was pioneered by BET Software for the renowned Hollywoodbets brand and is designed to run on low-end hardware in locations with limited internet connectivity, which is extremely beneficial in an African context.

Our company is passionate about pushing technological boundaries to create world-class online and retail betting solutions and other pioneering software solutions and systems. Currently surging forward on an exponential growth path, we’re increasing our international footprint and we are also currently on a massive drive to recruit top talent into our Army of All-Stars.

We may be a well-oiled machine, but our All-Stars are far from cogs. We don’t just recruit talent, we cultivate it. And our All-Stars understand the importance of refining their respective crafts. Armed with learning and development programmes, various opportunities for growth and well-deserved incentives, our All-Star Team at BET Software is well-taken care of. This helps to better serve both each other and our clients, and it shows in everything – from what we develop and produce, to what we value and believe. Check out the various vacancies we have and reserve your seaside spot by joining our All-Star Team!
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